It’s Hot – The AC Is Running Hard

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Log in and create your personal lifestyle savings plan, based on your budget and other variables.  Whether you’re up for an eco-challenge or simply time-starved, you can save big.

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 One Choice

Not sure where to start? Learn which 1 effort can save you the most.

 Choose your savings category, and we’ll recommend action items to help you save.

 See which quick change or project yields the biggest savings.

Weekend Warrior

 Flex your DIY skills to save energy and money.

 Choose which tasks to tackle to best leverage your time.

 Catch tips and videos to get it done better and faster.


Family Saver

 Energize your entire household to create a common goal: savings.

 Discover energy-savings that best fit your life and routines.

 Get everyone in on the fun: Outscore your neighbors.

 Earth Saver

 Reduce your carbon footprint and help save the planet.

 Do your part as efficiently and quickly as you can.

 Find green action items that fit your values and budget.

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